>I can’t really joke because that is pretty good cosplay.jpg


I want to share this; sorry for not sourcing, I lost the link

This is my opinion: These are very good cosplayers - it is not about race, it was about depiction of characters. Some people go the extra mile, and that is what makes me proud of fandoms.

This is my last thing on the issue and I want to make it short and sweet: NEVER DID I INTEND TO INSULT A RACE OR GENDER IN ANYWAY IN THIS POST.

.:. Now that I’ve said that, hopefully this will clear the air .:.

I was a cosplayer ONCE, and I was discouraged because a FELLOW cosplayer told me MY BODY TYPE wasn’t fit for the character. It discouraged me so, that I used to think, well, maybe I have to pick a character who was “a bigger size.” Then I realized, well, my options are limited, because the MEDIA doesn’t give us good examples of “Bigger Size” characters, especially if their isn’t a stigma behind that character. I ended up saying I didn’t want to go to cons, JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE SAID THEIR OPINION. It hurt me…a bit, but it never made feel that no one was allowed to be whoever they want to be.

So guess what. I’m a “bigger sized” Asian/Latin who has an idea what cosplayers have going against them. I never discouraged anyone to NOT do what they love, I only did what that fellow cosplayer told me long ago, “voice my opinion on character depiction.”

In my post, I said that I wouldn’t be able to take “my girlfriend” seriously, because, if she wanted to depict a character against type, I’d hope she’d go all out, and not do a half-ass job, otherwise, why do it?

Maybe one day, we can all be who we want to be on the outside that depicts what we want to be on the inside, but until then…

Opinions man, how do they work?